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What If We Could Turn Every Student's Ambition Into A Success Story?

We simplify the complexities a student faces in navigating the educational system, by providing them with curated learning solutions that improve their performance in school and encourage growth. Our platform identifies learning deficiencies, streamlines academic roadblocks, and allow our students to focus on elevating their educational outcomes.










1Journey offers personalized coaching focused on individual goals that enable an environment of learning, challenge your curiosity, and help you grow as a student. Read More


1Journey identifies the gaps in your educational performance. The role of the tutor is to help you get back on track in a short period. We work with you at your convenience. Read More

Guidance Counselor

Our personalized learning, gaps identification, constant support, and enabling environment help students improve their grades, finish projects, and pass college entry tests. Read More


Parents finance their child's education but are often the last to know about their academic progress. We change that by keeping parents consistently updated. Read More

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Why You Should Start Learning with Us?

Why Choose us ?

Our virtual learning platform is proud to have a diverse and highly qualified team of professors and professionals. Read More

Books & Library

We want our students to learn, and explore the world via books, articles, and periodicals. Read More

Our Tutors

Our students deserve the best, and we are leaving no stone unturned in that endeavor. Read More

Guidance Counselor

Our Guidance counselors will play a critical role in helping the students to achieve their academic and personal goals. Read More

Popular Courses
Our most popular courses this term have been Algebra 2, Geometry and Calculus, and Physics. Our seasoned tutors teach these courses and performance is monitored by our Guidance Counselors to make sure you are on track to reach your goals.

Joining is simple and free. Use your student email address to register. if you don’t have a student email address, register without one, but you will have limited access to all platform features.


Once you have registered, your guidance counselor will reach out for a quick introduction, after which you may purchase your first lesson with your tutor.


After subscribing to your first lesson, you'll receive a discount for 2 months. For each additional class you join, you'll get additional 10% discount.

Board of Directors
Watch. Listen. Practice. Learn.

Learning is a lifelong process; we utilize various mediums to learn, teach, and explore. Our platform enables you to learn at your own pace, virtually. You can review past sessions for up to one week after they conclude. At the end of each session, you'll complete practice assignments and quizzes to master the material and enhance your test-taking skills.

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At 1Journey, we aim to empower high-school students through new artificial intelligence technologies and virtual education software.


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