Guidance Counselor

Create Accessible, Inclusive Learning Experience

We focus on individual students learning, identify gaps, suggest additional support, and create an enabling environment where a student can explore ways to improve his grades, finish projects and assignments. The support comes in the form of individual 1-on-1 with teachers, tutors, and curative community at large. The whole experience can be virtual or in person, but every session marks the start of a new beginning with continuous progress monitoring and evaluation.

Your Learning Will Remain The Centre Of Conversations

When you join us, rest assured our mission is to support your educational endeavor’s. We will talk in detail about your aspirations, review with you your course load, results, and any challenges you might have regarding the materials covered.We will devise a plan, with focus on putting you back in the driving seat and will continue to monitor your progress, till you have achieved your stated goals.

You Are Not A Binary Number To Us

Even though our AI technology is a machine learning your behavior, our human hearts are there to support your journey. We understand the struggles, pains, and challenges of a high school life, we all have been through that.But you are not alone, we are a click away – talk to us and let us figure out a way to help you in a friendly, stress-free manner. You are not a binary number to us, you are our partner, our focus and our passion, your success is our goal.

Start With The Power Of Personalized Learning

Once you join us, your personalized learning will begin – our AI technology works in two ways. One, it looks at the future and walks back towards the present you. Second, it walks forward from present you to the future you. Each way, we learn lessons about you, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and while learning about you we are building a personalized learning design just for you.
This process is fun to be a part off – you will learn things about yourself that you didn’t know, and you will learn new insights about things you already knew. But at the end of the day, you will meet a new you – this new you will be more confident about your abilities, be more focused, and will have clear educational goals.
From here on, our job is simple, keep you on track, provide you the needed help, connect you with the curated communities we will create for you, and help you learn, practice, and eventually enter a college/university of your choice.

Curative Community Champion

These communities are like high school fraternities, once you join a community, there is fun, there is education and above all there is opportunity to meet new people who are in the same boat as you are. Learn from their experiences, teach them yours but most importantly, keep an open mind. Yesterday, your sight was set to become an engineer but with exposure to curative communities you might want to become a doctor, now won’t that be exciting. Talk to us, and we will show you the path forward, our AI will work with you to change your stated goals and move you towards another path.