Donna Rust

Donna Rust is an educator with a degree in English Language and Literature and a certificate in English education from La Roche University. Before retiring from the public school system in 2022, she taught high school students at all levels, both in the classroom and online, for over 26 years. In her last eight years, she primarily taught A.P. and Accelerated English to seniors, challenging them to think critically and communicate clearly while assisting them with their college applications and essays. She loves working with young people. Ms. Rust has also been a verbal SAT prep tutor and instructor for the last 28 years, including ten years as owner and director of the Educational Achievement Center. She ran SAT prep classes every fall and spring out of local libraries and colleges during that time. Donna is an avid reader residing in Pittsburgh, PA.


At 1Journey, we aim to empower high-school students through new artificial intelligence technologies and virtual education software.


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