David XI

David XI, the founder of Bethel Wealth Guardians LLC, is a distinguished figure in the financial advisory realm, specializing in serving high-net-worth families. With two decades of experience at Summit Financial Resources, a leading financial planning firm, David established his own venture in 2020 to offer a broader spectrum of financial services. Through Bethel Wealth Guardians, David serves his current and future clients with a greater array of financial products and services. David focuses on protecting hard-earned assets and wealth by minimizing unnecessary wealth transfers, such as income and estate taxes, interest payments, and lost opportunity costs, such as college and major purchase expenses. As a recognized leader in his field, David holds MDRT's Top of Table honor and has been a top-tier advisor for a Fortune 100 firm for nine years. David holds a Master's degree in Political Science and Government and an MBA in Finance, Accounting, and International Business Management from the MIT Sloan School of Management. He resides in Chester, NJ.


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