Work With You

1Journey identifies the gap in your educational performance , the role of tutor is to help you get back to the track in short period. We Will work with you at your convenience. Our engagement with students can be on 1-on-1 basis or we can meet in group settings where other students are facing the same difficulties. Each session will begin with the lessons (subject/concept) which we will cover in 45 minutes. We will teach you the concept, practice with you individually so that you can solve these problems on your own.

Help You Solve Problems

We teach you ways to solve problems, our session is followed by a quick quiz, not graded but to see if you understood the concept well enough for us to move forward to the next lesson.

Your Guide To Success

Your involvement and participation are very important. Each session when you are introduced to a new lesson, we want to make sure you understood the concept and you are ready for the next one. If for any reason, you are not too sure about the previous lesson – please let us know, we will revise the previous lesson just to make sure we are on the same page, and you have clarity.

Talk With Me Anytime

After the session, if you need to review any concept – email us, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.