Unlock the potential of ML/AI in
education through 1Journey.

Gain a deeper understanding of 1 Journey to
improve your learning experience

1Journey offers personalized coaching with focus on individual goals linked with curated communities that enables an environment of learning, challenge your curiosity, and help you grow as a student.

All best things are a team effort, why should your educational aspirations be any different. Unlock your best self with specialized 1-on-1 interaction with top educators and game-changing community support created just for you by 1Journey.

1Journey empowers you to achieve greatness through personal mentorship, curated communities, and focused coaching.

Upgrade your educational Journey, find the balance you’ve been needing. All on your own schedule.

Meet Your Superpower

Kickstart your coaching journey with a short questionnaire. You’ll meet with our team to help us learn more about you.Our ai, then carefully select a coach for you based on your goals, and preferred learning style.

Make It About You

Create your tailored educational growth plan with your guidance counselor aided with 1Journey ai. Whether you have a specific focus or need inspiration,your counselor will meet your needs. We will craft a personalized plan, set clear goals, and monitor progress, all done at your own pace.

Unlock Your Growth And Fulfillment

Every other week, you’ll meet with your guidance counselor for 45 minutes virtual coaching session. Completely customized to you, your sessions cover everything from course navigation to deepening your own self-awareness about future career plans. 1Journey will help you create space to work towards your educational ambitions and conquer the day-to-day grind with your ai coach at your side.

Track Your Progress

It’s so much easier to make meaningful, long-term change when you have someone to collaborate with. Set small goals with your guidance counselor between sessions,discuss your progress and course correct,if need be, your 1Journey ai will be your trusted source of information throughout your four years of high school.

Meet The Community

Find your perfect path with curated group programs that run the gamut of educational excellence. Refine your goals in 1-on-1 chats with other members, participate in group events with like-minded peers,and get access to inside knowledge with educators with deep dives hosted by experts on regular basis.

Keep It Going

No educational path is the same, and goals and needs change over time. Your 1Journey coach is here to support you in your educational journey, whether you’re making radical changes or minor adjustments.You’ll work together to identify new opportunities for growth and transformation as you build a meaningful, thriving educational roadmap. Success awaits you, come join us and let us help you.