Social Change

Learning does not bring social change, but a successful learner does.


We at 1Journey are profoundly anchored in the “social change model of leadership”, believing that transformative connections are essential to drive significant social change.

Our Plan and Vision

The social change model of leadership inspires our vision and aims to create a holistic paradigm and inclusive learning environment where every student feels empowered and valued.

Virtual tutoring services

At 1Journey, our virtual tutoring services are structured so that encouragement, teamwork, and the change process of social work are the cornerstones. Our virtual learning standards go beyond conventional teaching and traditional learning platforms.

Technological forecasting and social change

Integrating technological forecasting and social change methodologies, we strive to stay one step ahead of the constantly developing education landscape. By applying this technological forecasting and social change approach, we can prepare for future learning challenges and curate relevant and practical solutions.

Commitment to Social education equity

We stand firmly for social education equity, ensuring every student has equal opportunities to thrive, regardless of background.

Purpose-driven career path

Our mission is to guide students towards a purpose-driven career path by addressing social problems, continuity, and change, helping them evolve into their best versions of themselves.

Community building

1J ourney is a platform stand at the cusp where we connect students with motivating tutors and peers. This connection fosters a strong community of students who seek knowledge and personal growth, are passionate about addressing social problems, nurture current achievements, and are deeply committed to giving back. Our comprehensive plan, deeply influenced by the change process of social work, is to reshape the future, one relationship at a time.

Social changes cannot just happen in an instant of time; they need time to evolve until we become the change we seek.