1Journey can help you reach the next level of English proficiency. With its comprehensive library of English lessons, interactive activities, and personalized learning plans, 1Journey can help you reach your English language goals quickly and effectively.

Indigenous People Literature
Modern Drama
Sports, Literature, and Culture
Feminist Literature
AP English


Our course is designed to be self-paced and interactive, with quizzes and practice problems to help you along the way. With 1Journey, you can gain a better understanding of mathematics in a convenient and fun way.

MATH 133 Linear Algebra and Geometry
MATH 134 Enriched Linear Algebra and Geometry


Whether you're interested in ancient civilizations, mediaeval times, or modern history, 1Journey can help you better understand the past. Each journey comes with a series of interactive learning activities.

History 498
History UD Area Requirement
History UD Elective
History UD
GE (Upper Division)


With 1Journey, students can access an expansive library of high-quality science lessons where lessons are broken down into modules, making them easy to navigate and understand.

AP Chemistry or Biology (Optional)
Dystopian Literature
Feminist Literature
Indigenous People Literature

Social Science

You can learn at your own pace with interactive courses designed to understand the subject matter comprehensively. Plus, you will be taught by experienced professionals passionate about your subject.

Political Science

Anatomy & Physiology

Our platform combines 3D visuals and animations with vivid descriptions to help you understand the various components and functions of the human body. You can explore the major organs, skeletal system, muscular system, and more.

Weak Acids, Weak Bases, and Buffers
What is Scattering? - Definition & Examples
Carbonic Acid: Formation, Structure & Chemical Equation