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Informed Parent

Parents are usually the last ones to know about their child’s educational challenges. Well, not anymore – once you have signed up with us, our platform will talk to you. We have a simple no randomization policy; our AI will come to you with solutions not just problems. At some point, you will not agree with the machine chosen path if you feel the need to replace that relationship with a human interaction – please feel free to call us and we will connect you with one of the guidance counselors.

Financial Planning

The hardest part of education planning for your child is financial planning. Most colleges and universities over the last two decades have doubled their tuition fees, thus making education not only very expensive but also impossible for so many deserving students. There is always hope, and our mission is to provide options to our students. We don’t fund education, but we know how to finance part off or full educational expenses. Federal student loans are the best loans available for students in need, after that there are scholarships, grants, and private student loans. If you are interested in exploring ways to finance your child’s education, please let us know and we will have one of our partner financial institutions reach out to you.

Goal Setting

Parents involvement in their children education set a very important tone for your child. Be expressive, teach them the skills you have, let them decide what career choices they would like to explore and let us help you set the path forward for your child’s education. High school is an amazing learning ground, let your child experiment with different courses, no learning is bad learning – a subject taken in curiosity is always a course that will keep that desire to learn more burning in your child’s heart, let them explore that. We are there to show them the path forward, what future course that subject can take is a learning experience. 1Journey is there for a reason – to keep that curiosity alive and burning, lessons learned will be the lessons cherished for life.

Track, Monitor And Be Involved

Your partner is a machine, that will show you the achievements your child has been making, will show you areas of improvement that needs your intervention, above all will show you the lighted path forward. Your involvement in every step of the way is your investment in your child’s future, the love and care you show your child when they are not doing well in school will give them confidence, a booster that will encourage them to do better than before. will be your ally, and friend you can talk too and a friend you can rely on.

Becoming A Part Of Curative Community

We believe a child that belongs to a community is more focused, open to new ideas and ready to explore new things. Best way to see how your child succeeds in life is to be involved in their interactions with others, we recommend be a part of the curative community. Your ideas might influence someone else’s child – we trust your judgment, but we are also there to make sure every child is staying on course and is ready to explore other options without peer pressure or pressure from their parents and family. We want to give our community a stress-free environment, where ideas are explored, and avenues of collaboration are available.