Our Philosophy

Have you ever picked up a philosophy book? They are filled with big ideas and deep thoughts. However, our philosophy is simple: Every student has something special inside them, no matter where they come from. We are here to help find that particular thing, boost confidence, and light up that path to success.


At 1Journey, we believe in the philosophy of "Individuality" that every student is unique and encompasses boundless potential. Our platform is inclusive; we provide opportunities to every student seeking knowledge, especially those from underrepresented groups, including students of racial and ethnic minorities and those with disabilities. Success is not elusive; it is within our grasp, demanding only dedication and perseverance. Do not let it slip away!

Our Core Belief

Our philosophy of leadership revolves around the core belief that every student possesses abilities that distinguish him from the rest of the crowd. It is about unleashing each student's hidden strength and exclusive intellect by fostering self-awareness and motivating them to achieve optimal success. We took inspiration from the teachings of philosophy book where an empowered education system nurtures empowered, self-aware, and confident students who carve their path to success.

Addressing financial barriers

When it comes to accessing quality education, many students need financial help. That is why our investment philosophy is centred on bridging this achievement gap. Our primary goal is to provide world-class education to students irrespective of their financial circumstances. Our commitment is more than just delivering an education; it is about creating an inclusive learning space where every student feels valued, welcomed and inspired.

Creating an Inclusive Space

At the heart of 1Journey is a vision of justice, inclusivity and self-determination. Based on the principles of analytical philosophy and philosophy of leadership, we not only shape learners; we develop future leaders, thinkers and innovators. As we often say in the PhD program, leadership is about ensuring that every student, regardless of their background or circumstances, has the opportunity to shine and succeed. So, here is to new beginnings, big dreams, and the journey ahead!