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Tutoring has been a longstanding practice for decades, while "Online Tutoring" is a relatively new and developing field in the Education sector. 1journey is a dedicated online learning platform that has been providing online tutoring services for a substantial period. Whether you are a student seeking to enhance your learning approach or a teacher aspiring to commence your career as an online tutor, we are here to serve you.

Our Online Tutoring Approach

At 1journey, we do not merely provide tutoring online; rather, we offer a dedicated team of tutors committed to the success of learners. Our approach to education comprises a variety of elements;

Diverse learning:

We offer tutoring online services to diverse age groups, ranging from kindergarten to high school students.


Our pedagogical approach is precisely crafted to ensure accessibility and approachability for all learners.


Our tutors provide tailored instruction based on individual intellectual capabilities and the course material at their disposal.


Considering the time zones of different students and their availability, we offer 24/7 availability and flexible online tutoring schedules to each student.

Goal-oriented study:

Our team of qualified tutors is adept at establishing goals for students and documenting their achievements and strengths at the conclusion of each term.

Guardian Involvement:

When working with young children, we maintain open communication with their guardians to ensure they are well-informed about the content and progress of the tutoring sessions.

Guaranteed Improvement:

At the commencement of each session, we do an initial evaluation of individual students to check if they lack in certain areas and what are his weaknesses. To ascertain whether he needs a necessary change in learning approach or modifications in course material.

Our 4-step tutoring Approach – A complete Guide

Why choose our online tutoring services

At 1journey, we meticulously craft a roadmap for your accessible and advanced learning experience. Begin your journey towards a brighter future with us and partake in a world-class education from the comfort of your own space.

  • Cost Effective education for underprovided and unprivileged students
  • Personalized tutoring
  • 97% overall Success rate
  • Admission in leading collages
  • Latest Edtech integration in education
  • Course reader material designed for your success
  • Frequent assessment and Feedback
  • AI powered programs for practical and interactive learning
  • 1 journey is committed to provide quality education.

  • Our platform ensures the provision of quality education through continuous tutor training and development, aligning them with the latest teaching standards. We emphasize the importance of instant feedback, providing you with ample opportunities for improvement by identifying your areas of weakness.

    Our commitment

    1journey has a mission to disseminate “Accessible and Quality Education for All”. We believe in Inclusive study by extending our resources to underprivileged students who lack sufficient finances to manage their schooling. We offer affordable yet technological education with a minimum enrollment fee. Our proficient tutors will lead you through your progress with consistent support. Register today to start your educational journey with us!


    Sign up for our online tutoring services and embark on a learning journey with us. Become a part of this leading learning platform and step into the modern educational landscape of encouragement, success, and recognition.