Unlimited access

We have four levels of access available to each student. You can sign up for free and still enjoy most of the benefits of our platform.

College Application

As college application time comes, your guidance counselor will help you start the process by engaging with you and your parents to start finalizing colleges that are more appropriate for you. Your learning roadmap will become your guide, and your counselor will help you with applications.

Expert teachers

We take your education very seriously; Our teachers are selected after a vigorous interviewing process. Interaction with your teachers will be geared towards helping you master any subject with which you need help. Our aim is to help you improve your grades and continue your journey of success till you have reached college.

Expert Counselors

Our counselors have a deep understanding of the Education system in USA and the US college admission process. They build a conducive environment where students discuss their milestones in detail in every interaction. Starting in the junior year, our students meet with their counselors for 4 to 6 hours per semester to develop a roadmap for their grades and college applications.

On-the-go learning

Our virtual platform aligns with the education system in USA, and our tutors and counselors can help you find the resources you need to succeed from anywhere. Libraries are always available to browse, and sessions are recorded and kept for a week for review.

24x7 Super Support

Our online support team is available to you 24x7. You can even request emergency sessions with your teachers or counselors depending on the hour of the day. If they are not available, our dedicated staff will find you a tutor or a counselor within a two-hour window after your request.