Upon completing a task, students receive a completion letter that can help with college applications.

The volunteering roles are regularly updated, and students are encouraged to apply for roles that interest them. The successful completion of a project earns a gold star on the student dashboard and credits towards the next tutoring or guidance counseling session. This program can be particularly beneficial for students using the online Online Learning System in USA or seeking tutors near me for high school. It aligns with the Department of Education's goal to encourage community engagement and can be an excellent way for students to develop essential skills and give back to their communities.

How to Apply as a Volunteer?

If you are interested in becoming a "Volunteer," please complete our detailed Volunteer Inquiry Form below to introduce yourself so we can create a giving experience that will effectively serve the community and meet your needs as a volunteer.

"There are many different roles you can play in our volunteering program, from becoming a data volunteer and or/to helping in fundraising campaign for cause etc."

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