Idea Factory

Idea Factory is a program designed for high school students in grades 11 and 12 to explore their new invention ideas, innovations, or problem-solving techniques. It is ideal for those interested in starting a business or learning more about entrepreneurship. The program features qualified professors and a supportive environment, and it can assist students in developing ideas for small business and abilities that can be applied in diverse fields and industries.

Computer Science

Study the fundamentals of science behind computers and computational systems, including the theory, design, development, and application of software systems in this program. Become a part of this expanding sector, offering many intriguing options for students and professionals to start their computer science careers after getting a computer science degree.


Learn the latest robotics trends, like Robotic process automation and intelligent factory development with AI robots, in this skill development program. Drive innovation in this dynamic field with the right mentorship at 1Journey.

Design Thinking

Learn the creative approach of design thinking to develop essential workforce skills. Equipping design thinking will foster a problem-solving process in students that helps them prioritize consumer needs.


The engineering program will equip you with the skills to solve real-life problems and make a significant difference in the world. Get your hands on the rewarding career-oriented field.


Being an entrepreneur is an enriching journey since it enables one to be self-working, independent, and impact society. By providing the right resources and environment, students can acquire entrepreneurial skills and develop self-belief to become entrepreneurs.