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1Journey's one-on-one Guidance Counselor assists higher secondary students in enhancing their organizational skills and study habits, particularly in an online education setting. The high school counselor offers instructional support and aids students in devising work and study plans for homework, quizzes, and tests during regular 30-minute sessions. Additionally, our high school counselor sends recap emails to keep parents in the loop. This service presents a valuable opportunity for students to cultivate accountability and organizational skills under the guidance of a trusted coach and supporter. Our qualified faculty meets all the prospective guidance counselor requirements.

“Those Who Stay Focused On Their Goals And Remain Consistent In Their Efforts Are The Real Achievers.” (Dr Roopleen)

Our Approach

Personalized Counseling

One of the guidance counselor requirements in our approach is the ability to guide students based on their individuality. We provide personalized counseling to our students who are struggling with academic challenges.

Holistic Development

Our holistic approach focuses on addressing personal, academic, and career-related concerns and helping students grow without limiting themselves.


We believe in confidentiality. Our policy is thorough, and we assure privacy and build trustworthiness.

Services Offered

Academic Counseling

Our high school counselor's guide students from selecting courses to overcoming academic challenges, if any. They also assist them in applying time- and energy-saving study techniques over time.

Career Counseling

Our career counselors assist students in exploring different career paths and finding the best fit based on their interests. They provide career guidance and help with the college application process.

Group Workshops

Journey believes in community building and encourages students to share their interests on public forums to boost their confidence. We arrange group workshops for this purpose, where students discuss common topics of interest.

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At 1Journey, we aim to empower high-school students through new artificial intelligence technologies and virtual education software.


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