1Journey offers a comprehensive admissions package to assist students in achieving their academic aspirations. Our online guidance system ranks among the best online school counseling programs. Our learning management software equips students with the tools necessary to enhance their grades and develop skills sought by colleges. We offer multiple resources, including test prep, college counseling services, and career exploration, to prepare students for their future. Our seasoned professionals guide students throughout their admissions journey, ensuring a seamless and successful experience. With 1Journey College Admissions, students can trust they're receiving the finest advice and resources to secure a spot in their preferred college.

How We Work

Our team has helped thousands of students like you stand out from the competition and earn acceptance. From wherever you are to wherever you want to be, we will help you get there. Here’s how.

Meet Our Team

“Our expert team is your match” Our team of experts, curated to your unique goals and interests, ensures optimal support for your college admissions journey. Engage with us seamlessly via video chat, phone, or email, and receive comprehensive guidance and college counseling services, virtually.
Start early to build a strong college application.
Our team helps you develop your academic interests, pursue unique extracurriculars, strengthen your personal qualities, refine your leadership skills, and prepare you to ace college essays with our admissions package - Learn, Grow, Achieve.
Tell Your Story, Your Way

College applications are your chance to narrate your distinct story beyond grades. Our seasoned counselors guide you from college selection to essay editing and interview prep, ensuring your application reflects your brilliance.
Achieve Your Admissions Goals
Our team of qualified admission officers, rich resources, and a strategic approach, help you achieve your college admissions goals. No matter which university you aspire to, we can help you maximize your chances of acceptance. We have a proven track record of success, having helped thousands of students get into their dream schools. It's your turn!

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From first year through college acceptances, our team will be there every step of the way.
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Choose a major and set your sights on enrolling in your desired college. Begin preparations in high school for a rigorous college experience. 1Journey's guidance counselors help you explore your options, create a plan, and navigate the college admissions process.