Academic Services

1journey is an online tutoring platform dedicated to providing tailored Academic Services to a wide range of learners through online, individual, and collaborative academic tutoring services. Our tutors work diligently to help you enhance your academic skills to meet the global standards of academic excellence. Our carefully curated and technologically enhanced programs are designed to improve your subject grades by assessing your educational proficiency in your specific area of expertise.

Tutoring Services
At 1Journey, our competent team of qualified tutors assesses your abilities and personalizes an academic program through an academic service center that matches your intellectual skills and capabilities. Our comprehensive academic learning services are divided into three categories.

Online Tutoring - We are an online academic service center where we provide online academic tutoring services to potential learners, regardless of their financial background. You can easily access our online tutoring by paying a minimal enrollment fee. Our tutors are trained to eliminate any form of discrimination when it comes to disseminating education because we believe that easy access to education is a moral right.

One-to-one Tutoring sessions – Our personalized tutoring sessions are carefully curated, incorporating the latest Edtech tools to match your academic and intellectual competencies. In a one-to-one session, we assign a private tutor to you, allowing you to learn without any distractions, which often results in excellent outcomes.

Group tutoring – Group tutoring falls under the third category of our academic learning services, where students learn in groups, fostering a collaborative learning approach.

Homework help
Our wide range of services includes homework assistance as well. You can bring any academic challenges to us, and our expert team of tutors will guide you to a solution. We also have a resourceful study center where students can receive study assistance to enhance their learning skills and approach their homework more strategically.

Test Preparations
At 1 journey, you can prepare for your tests using advanced tech tools that integrate Edtech and AI solutions.

Practice test - You can complete practice test exercises to enhance your IQ and strengthen your ability to tackle unfamiliar conceptual questions. Our tools continuously monitor your progress, providing you with progress charts and result sheets so you can track and foster improvements accordingly.

Test preparation program – Through our test preparation programs, which encompass student academic services building, you can monitor your academic progress. You will acquire effective strategies and techniques to successfully pass competitive exams.

Academic Advising
Our counseling department is here to help you achieve your desired goals by addressing your specific challenges. Our experienced counselors provide purposeful and technical guidance throughout your academic journey.

Pricing and packaging
Our academic services are accessible to everyone. If you have a passion for learning, we are your best choice. With a minimal subscription fee, you can enter the world of advanced learning from the comfort of your home. Our reasonably priced packages allow you to study any subject of your choice, excel in tests, enjoy tailored courses, and receive daily progress charts and results via email.

Subscription Plan – We offer four subscription plans: Free, Basic, Plus, and Pro. The Free subscription plan is specially designed for underprivileged students. You can choose a program based on affordability and academic aptitude.

Why choose 1 Journey Academic Services?
Our student academic services are dedicated to helping you achieve success by addressing your weaknesses and enhancing your learning experience with modern teaching tools. We have a list of reasons why we are your ideal choice for online tutoring and counseling.

  • We have an experienced team of tutors
  • We are committed to excellence and dedicated to advancing students academically
  • The majority of our students are currently enrolled in their dream colleges
  • We have a track record of progressively enhancing your academic strength
  • We are dedicated to eliminating any sort of discrimination to ensure uniformity
  • Our mission is to spread knowledge to every class, regardless of their financial status
  • We offer free tutoring services for unprivileged students

  • Conclusion
    Take the first step to commence your journey to success today by utilizing our academic services. Learn, implement, and progress with our advanced learning approach. Do your homework using the latest tech tools, practice for your upcoming tests, and benefit from our academic advising, under the guidance of our program managers and tutors. Join us today and start your academic growth, step-by-step, to reach ultimate academic proficiency.

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